Moulding and assembly


Our company is able to supply different materials for the plastic injection moulding using its 15 presses, a Babyplast and presses from 50 to 500 tons; thanks to our experience we are able to produce also overprinted products; we can also assembly different parst composing kit directly on the press or using our assembly benches.

We have a skilled labour able to follow all the productive process: from the mould assembling and the presses equipment to the moulding; In this way all the process can be done with a complete control and an high safety level.

We always control the quality of the final product because we put the customer satisfaction at the first place: for this reason we have been able to specialize in highly technical articles with very tight tollerances.

Main used materials are:
- Polyamide PA 6 and PA 66 compounded with reinforcements, too
- Polycarbonate PC 
- Polyurethane PU 
- Acrylic PMMA 
- ABS and PC-ABS 
- Polypropylene PP 
- Acetal POM
- Polybutylene terepthalate PBT 
- Polystyrene PS 
- Thermoplastic rubbers
- Thermoset materials

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